Thanks so much for your response,

I have yet to find a client willing to pay as much for work, and that includes a client who paid me around $4000 so far for an English course translation (they run an app and website similar to Duolingo). Have I had my pricing right and they would have agreed, I could have made more than $12000 with the same amount of work.

I also believe in the saying that to some clients, you seem more valuable if you set your price high, so that some clients specifically hire only people who post "out of their minds" fees, compared to what I'm currently charging.

I'll definitely look into Constant Content when I got spare time, it sounds worth it. Though for the last month or so, I hardly had enough content ideas for Medium, I've disregarded a lot of potential ideas as mediocre, the few I posted weren't exactly high quality either.

When I started writing on Medium, I quickly became quite successful in terms of curation. I lost count of how many times I got curated, but I got a ton of curated articles, though we both know that doesn't mean too much. My first month brought $98 in about 24 days, which was great, considering that many people on Medium talk about a magic 95% or so who never break past $100 a month.

Without trying to sound like a show-off, I do believe that when I put my mind into writing something valuable, I may be able to come up with something that could sell. It's certainly not a lack of confidence holding me back.

But I hate negotiating with clients. I know they play their games too, but I always feel like I'm sounding greedy or am pushing things too far. And especially in the beginning, when every contract was quite of important, I already felt bad turning down a $500 contract because I felt $800 would be more appropriate and the client called me nuts.

When I read about some high value content creators earning up to 1$ or $2 per word, I thought they were nuts too.

For me, pricing and negotiation are the hardest elements of freelancing. If you look at, similar to Upwork, but whole agencies offering to finish huge projects in as little as 24 hours for 1.5 cent per word, there's no underbidding that.

All this is why I appreciated your article so much. It brings fresh wind and a new potential site to use into my focus.

However, I don't believe I could find a high paying client on Upwork, I've not yet had the luck of seeing one. But of course I'd appreciate if you could prove me wrong there too.

Anyways, thank you for this article and your response to my questions. It's good to talk with an actual freelancer instead of reading the same "I made $5000 a month with this simple trick" articles in hopes of finding a valubale hint in the haystack.

All the best to you. And apologies for this novel-size response. I have a hard time cutting myself short at times. 😅

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