That response was almost more entertaining than my article 😎 Glad we were able to bring you back. I was so insecure in my teens, I was a mixture of what do you call it in English…a daisy? and the class clown. Always trying to impress. In the group, I was the quiet one. I was everyone I tried to please, but not myself. And it sucked balls.

Took some damn ass-whooping to set my record straight. I never realized I had my own value and would always measure myself by looking at the people around me. I was a naysayer, a coward, and much, much more.

I was the dude you wouldn’t even look at. (well, maybe not you, but you know) Ah here it is: My epiphany: Wheatus — Teenage Dirtbag. That’s who I was. Except I never got invited to Iron Maiden by a hot chick on prom night. But hey, we all got dreams, don’t we?

I had to learn to grow a spine. I looked at those who give so little on the opinion of others that bullying them wouldn’t even have been fun.

Having to repeat a year in high school did wonders too. Found an awesome class to be part of. One that would even stand up for each and every member. But it was still a stretch. Still took a few more years to learn to not give a fuck about anyone who dares going against me.

I do what I like. If someone doesn’t like it, well, sad sob story, ain’t it? I don’t have time for pity-parties. Have spend too much on them already.

So don’t let anyone ever put you down. Get that old girl back. And keep her there. She’s great.

Talk to me on Twitter if you’d like. I’ll be there. (Not now though, it’s again almost 3 AM) 😂

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