That was really unlucky. I know a few people who had their careers taken away by unfortunate accidents and incidents. They were never happy about it and it took them a long time to cope with suddenly being unable to fulfill their role.

A friend I met here on Okinawa is a former Marine, working with Motor-T. Until his truck hit an IED in Afghanistan. He lost his CO that day and was left with a limp. He didn’t seem to be depressed, he’s joyful and full of typical, weird Marine humor. But it shines through almost every day that he never stopped being a Marine. I’m sure if he could, he’d get right back into it.

Losing your career like that must be a lot harder when you managed to rise so high prior. And worst of it, the culprit who got you in that situation managed to run off unpunished. But you seem to have managed. Now you’re a writer, and a good one at that. And these events — your whole career up to that point, in my opinion — makes good fuel for more awesome stories to share.

I’ll be looking forward to those.

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