Well, I#m glad we cleared that out.

I prefer to stay on the safe side when talking about these things, let's call it risk aversion. I've met quite a few people who reacted quite toxic when confronted with opposite beliefs and understanding, which is why I prefer to probe on a more empathetic level initially.

The last thing I need is someone feeling personally attacked in one of my responses, which can happen more often than you'd think.

As for the MBTI, yeah, I guess if you do it for fun, it's not that bad. A friend of mine is a psychologist and I talked about the MBTI with her too, including my experience with it.

She said the same. It's not taken seriously by any acclaimed psychologists, but it's a fun little game. But for me, it was meant as part of an official training for a serious job and felt out of place, given that it's been financed by both my own and tax money. As such, it's a waste of resources.

Again, thanks for having common sense. (Not freaking out)

For the last decade or so, common sense seems to have become another rare resource.

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