gotta give back more than chit-chat, pick the slow clap, ‘fore I send that,
for we all got so much shit going on, it’s time to recap,
rehab, spending some thoughts about this whole crap,
stuck in our negative thoughts, just grab a hard-hat,
and start digging and drilling, crushing thoughts that were killing me, spilling me, pressing, gushing and even milling me, taking me down, killing me mentally, frown
pushing me on edge, pissing me off consciously, (ow)
For all that shit I have been through, that bothered me,
I’ve grown up now, far enough now, it’s not smothering me,

Anymore, learned my lessons, got my therapy sessions,
You can’t wallow in pity, fuck those haters, the stressors,
they cast shadows like anybody else, but turn the light on,
bygone, are the days, and now the fight’s on. (bitch)

Well, it’s not really good, but far enough for a quick scribble. Just felt like a usual reply won’t do it justice. Had to keep the head bobbin’.

Keep going bro, you’re dope.

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