Well said.

Timothy tagged me in a piece he wrote, where he even had me in mind when writing it. I took the day off though and didn’t want to break my peace by responding. I had a really lazy day. But I put it into my bookmarks and did the full honor today.

I can understand when you miss a story that you’ve NOT been tagged in. There’s a lot of stuff coming our way after all. But when you’re tagged, it’s hard to miss. Unless of course whoever tagged you did so with as many people as possible just to get readers.

I would never ignore a call though. What kind of lousy hero would I be if I didn’t respond to my bat signal (it’s not a bat in my case though, I can’t describe what it looks like, having kids around and all that😅)

Should I have missed anyone’s call though, then let me know so I can repent 😁

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