you're already on book no. 5? 😁

Color me impressed!

My main message from this article is to remind people that negative criticism before you even start is toxic. I had plenty of that, even from my own parents. Rather than encouraging me, they told me that what I'm about to do is too risky and all that.

When I met my wife and wanted to go to Japan, I didn't even tell them about it until I had the plane tickets. They'd only have discouraged me from "wasting so much money on a gust of love".

Same with my freelancing. They told me to rather get "a real job". Now they call it lucky when I tell them how much I make from it.

I don't want people to give up before they try just because someone else tells them that they'll fail or anything. It happens too often.

The real losers are not those who try and fail, but those who never try in the first place.

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