Wow, how to respond to that,

can’t come more from the heart than this. Even more so, sharing all these events with the rest of the world takes the balls of a bull, but I think that’s nothing new to a Texan, right?

I think because you went through all that, makes you a much better father than anyone else could ever be. You know what it means to truly appreciate. You know what it means to be there for each other because you know the pain when someone’s not.

I know a few people only whose father took off. And they all have proven to love their kids with unprecedented love. They’d kill you if you just look at their kids the wrong way. I think all fathers do. But these people won’t hesitate. They sucked up all that pain and transformed it into an unbreakable bond to their children.

You can be proud of that. And your family can be lucky to have you. I wish you many more years with them. Let’s hope the pandemic will slowly die down. At least enough for people to reunite with their loved ones again.

Thank you for writing so honestly about your experiences and thoughts.

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