Wow, Terri,

thank you so much for this thoughtful answer to my writing. And you’re right, without technology, this would be a lot tougher. But for me at least, I would probably be never so far away if it hadn’t been for the very same technology. I met my Japanese wife online too. I wouldn’t be here if not for a computer with an internet connection.

Your 3+ hours phone calls sound fun, I know how time flies by when you’re lighting up in a great conversation. I’ll be looking forward to your article, thank you so much for taking the torch. I really take a liking to our community. We’re not just a group of people churning out these “How to get better at Living” or “50 tips to impress your boss” articles, but we’re a real network of people sharing each other’s stories. That may not be the best financial interest for most readers, but to me, this is the best part of Illumination.

We can still write more than enough articles to attract readers and maybe earn a few dollars. But it’s this writing from the heart that I enjoy the most. A whole world opens up and suddenly we realize that we’re everything but alone in our journeys.

Thank you so much,

Read you soon 😊

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