Yeah, my main goal is to provide a different take than "bring socialism" or something like that, because frankly, socialism doesn't work either. It didn't work in Soviet Russia. It doesn't work in North Korea. And it wouldn't work anywhere else. Because there will always be people who then only take and not give. Like living on perpetual welfare.

But that doesn't mean that I agree with anything that's currently going on. I understand the capitalistic thinking of "if you make millions, you deserve millions", but I think just because you make billions, doesn't mean you deserve to take them home.

There's no way on earth you need that much money to live, unless you literally wipe your ass with it.

I think just like you and me, Bezos could be happy enough with 5 million to live a decent 50 years. Make it 50 million for the people who think they deserve all the luxury they can get. That's still only a fraction of what that one man owns this very moment.

I think I read he earns about $2,000 every second.

Is that really necessary? In what proportion?

How many families could he sustain each month and still have 10,000k to spend? let's do the math.

A full month has about 30 days - that's 2,5 million seconds, times 2K dollar equals 5,184 billion dollars a month. Give each family a generous 10K dollars per month.

That's 518,399 households each month, plus his own, who could receive $10K to pay all bills and buy stuff.

I just want to be clear, none of this is an Anti-Jeff Bezos campaign. He just happens to be the one having that much money atm.

I just think this is money that could save many lives and give many people a decent existence. Instead it ends up in one man's pocket and just sits there.

And yes, I'm aware that his net worth doesn't 100% equal his liquid assets. But it doesn't make much of a difference at this point.

And Anthony, thanks for dropping by.

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