Yes, my writing might have had a strong emotional undertone, given that the victim here has taken her life a mere two days ago.

I have actually written a few pieces on the underlying conditions which lead to aggressive or destructive behavior from a psychological point of view.

Yes, even bullies have underlying issues that lead to them being bullies in the first place. Most have been victims themselves. But that doesn't justify it or takes from their idiocy. Especially not if their behavior is responsible for the death of someone.

What exactly does "I wasn't very kind" mean here? If we're talking about abuse (DV, harassment, mental abuse) then yes, you've been an idiot. The question then is: Are you still an idiot, or have you learned from your mistakes?

And school shooters don't exactly count as bullies, but as bullied kids who snapped. A killing spree is different from bullying.

But explaining the reason why these two are different in detail would be too much for this response.

So yeah. I might have an emotional undertone in my writing here. But for good reason. We're talking about a suicide here. Caused by mindless bullying over a minuscule issue.

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