You had me shocked there for a minute, Dr.

I first understood it as a limitation for the publication as a whole, which would have been ludicrous and my first response thought was "Medium wants to avoid growing publications to drown their in-house pubs while competing for overall traffic".

But now I understand it's a personal limitation? I agree that in your case this is very limiting, as you are all over the place, providing encouraging comments for our writers and editors, while keeping constant updates for our readership.

If I were Medium, I would handle it in a way to say that Editors and Owners of larger pubs (with a minimum follower limit, to prevent individuals from opening up one-man-pubs to gain editor access and thus circumvent the limit) are excepted from this rule.

After all, editors and publication owners have much better things to do with their limited and unpaid time than "abuse", correct?

I can understand if Medium needs to implement some sort of fail-safe to prevent real abuse (we had more than enough of that in the past), but it should not interfere with our work and passion.

Otherwise it looks as if they write you and others off as "collateral damage", which is not exactly good for business, after all, you're part of what attracts readers to this platform.

And on another note, I've not been very active for the past months (still juggling private life and work), but I haven't kicked the bucket yet.

Since I have not much contributed to the overall work of Illumination, which has increased tremendously since, I am grateful to still have kept my editor status.

But I'm still undeservingly earning money through my Illumination Submission guidelines, I think more active editors are more deserving of having a fundamental main article which generates a lot of views, so I would not mind if you swap mine with a more recent update from someone who actually puts time and effort into running the show, if you haven't already.

The article is not a huge money maker, but it attributed about 50% of my total earnings for the past three months.

Let someone else have the honor.

I'll be back some time in the future, but I can't tell when.

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